Now available - The COGAmax 40W Power System

Our users asked for more power and the COGAmax delivers!

The COGAmax package consists of the COGApa handset, a powerful 40W dual channel amplfier, and a rugged 50W horn. For even more power, two 50W horns may be connected to the amplifier.

  • COGApa handset
    Public Address System and musical car horn with record and playback capability in the palm of your hand. Choose from over 80 built in songs and sound effects or record anything you want.

  • Power 40W amplifier
    Dual channel 40W amplifier for more power and volume than ever before. Auxiliary inputs allow you to amplfiy any audio source such as CD and MP3 players, while adding your own sounds over the top. Comes with Coga handset entension cable.

  • Rugged 50W Horn
    Blast yourself and others with the smallest 50W horn on the market. Only 5 1/2 inches long and 6 inches in diameter. Includes built in mounting bracket.

See an example of COGAmax system
installed in a vehicle here


What recent customers have said:

  • "A great way to get attention and to get your point across!" Don S. San Diego, CA Jan 2007
  • "The system I have been waiting for!" - Jesse M. St Louis, MO Nov. 2006
  • "Our off road club loves 'em " - Joe W. Peoria, AZ Nov. 2006
  • "The PA is great! Much better than those cheesy ones on CB radios." - Eric L., San Jose, CA Oct 2006
  • "You guys should add an amp to make your system more powerful." Mike R., Fresno, CA Jan 2006


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